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Oyster Bar & More for Woodbury, CT

Woodbury is a town in Litchfield County, Connecticut. It is different from other New England towns because its center is not nucleated. The town is one of only two towns in the county and it covers an area of 36 square miles. It is located close to the coast, just like all other places in the New England area which makes it a great place to get and enjoy fresh seafood.

Not all places that offer seafood are true seafood restaurants. They may offer some shrimp or oysters, but not much else. A real seafood place will have a variety of options such as shrimp, mussels, lobster, clams, crab legs, and fish. This is exactly what you can expect to find at Lucas Local.

Visit Our Seafood Restaurant Today!

Lucas Local is a seafood restaurant serving the Woodbury, CT area. We are an oyster bar, serving oysters buffet-style so that you may enjoy as many oysters as you want. Our restaurant is much more than just oysters though, we have a full selection of seafood. We serve brunch and dinner with food options such as Belgian waffles, avocado toast, grilled octopus, salmon, snow crab, and clams. Visit us today to enjoy fresh, delicious seafood!